Thursday, September 24, 2009

Social Media Expertise Now Available

Technology has rapidly changed the way that the marketplace communicates, especially for the customers under the age of 40. Reaching out to this customer requires more than business cards, newspaper ads and color brochures. To effectively communicate your product, service or brand, you must have a Social Media Expert working for you.

A Social Media Expert lives and breathes in the new age frontier of communication. This frontier of social media requires an expert who can not only navigate through the world wide web and blogospheres while using Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, Digg and other Web 2.0 technologies, it also demands a level of professionalism with a proven track record in both the traditional methodologies of marketing and the use of online media.

Ms. Cook has aspired to live on the cutting edge of creative marketing for 10 years and is currently available to work as a New Media Marketing Expert.

Known by friends and colleagues as “web savvy,” “a creative genius,” and sometimes a “tech geek” her favorite past times include blogging, tweeting, googling, digging, analyzing, tracking, reporting, commenting, updating, uploading, searching, linking, tagging, stumbling, sharing and just surfing around. She has a hint of compulsion when it comes to online media and knows how to get the message to stick.

As Founder and President of The Midas Center, Ms. Cook is currently interested in offering her expertise in both marketing and social media to promote products, services and brands as a Social Media Marketing Expert. Contact Ms. Cook today to learn how hiring a Social Media Expert can turn your vision into results.


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