Sunday, February 20, 2011

Co-Workspace Now Available

The Midas Center is pleased to announce its latest offering to help businesses and organizations succeed. With shared co-working space, independent professionals have an opportunity to work in a professional office environment with like-minded business men and women.

The following passes are available:

Virtual Pass: Add value to your business by increasing the credibility of your professional identity. Announce the location of your business by using a 200 N. Michigan Street, downtown Plymouth address on any of your marketing materials, from your web site to your business cards for a low monthly fee of $65. Get all your mail delivered and we'll hold it for you or forward it on to your home based location. This way, potential clients won’t think you work from a basement or P.O. box. And, if you want to schedule a meeting with a client, you can reserve a desk space or the conference room with a daily pass.

Daily Pass: First visit is on us (try before you buy, sweet!). Subsequent visits: $25, access during normal business hours, use desk space as and where available. Buy days in bulk, use them whenever you want, and save (example: you buy 20 days worth of access, you can use the facility today, skip a few days, come back for a day, skip a few days, etc, or you can use them all in a row, whatever works for you will work for us).

Monthly Pass: Access office during regular business hours for 30 days in a row for $250. Desk space as and where available. (Coming soon: 24/7 access via keycard option for monthly pass members.)

Monthly Private Desk Pass: Same as monthly pass option but with a dedicated desk instead, $500.

Daily and Monthly Passes Include these amenities:

- Option to list your name and company name on The Midas Center online directory
- Super fast business class internet connection (secured wifi)
- Lots of power outlets
- Free coffee bar
- Kitchenette (microwave, mini-fridge)
- Digital projector (coming soon)
- Business VOIP (slated for summer 2011)
- Lots of whiteboards
- On-Demand conference room
- Convenient street parking
- Nearby cafes and eateries (you name it and it is within a couple of blocks walking distance)
- Commercial address usage
- Mail forwarding (postage and handling fees apply)
- Month-to-month payment options
- Online payment and scheduling available
- Office supplies corner
- Paper shredder
- Shared resources, including possible hiring opportunities
- Recycling program (in process)
- Gig board for trading projects, collaborating, ideas
- Professional appearance
- Space to host modest events
- Utilities included
- Other amenities as we think of them or they are suggested (if its not on the list, just ask)

Potential users include, but aren’t limited to: writers, web developers, pod casters, journalists, students, independent thinkers, designers, realtors, investors, entrepreneurs, artists, software developers, researchers, academics, retirees, consultants, creatives, freelancers, independent contractors, lawyers, bloggers, marketers, graphic designers, start ups, home based businesses that want to take it to the next level or to simply get out of the house, self employed, small businesses, and overall open minded, nice, hard-working people who are making a difference in our community.

What are the intangible benefits of using our space?
• Networking
• Socialization
• Creative collaboration, springboard ideas, etc.
• Like minded professionals
• Professional, yet laid back environment
• High creative energy
• Save money on food and drink (no more having to buy a latte every hour or two just to be able to continue using the “free” wifi at the coffee shops)
• None of the background nonsense to distract you (again, that you get if you worked at a coffee shop or at home). Get constructive distractions instead!
• Work along side fellow determined empire builders
• Incubator environment
• Green, eco-friendly space with shared conservation of materials and energy including lighting and more
• Several different industries and several different businesses all under one roof
• Growing, supportive community of cool people to hang out with/partner up with/ work beside
• Being a part of something innovative
• Focus on your business without a commitment, or burden of a commercial lease

Are you interested in sharing an office with us and other like-minded businesses? Have questions? Contact us! We’d love to hear from you and to hear your ideas and feedback! Email us >

Reserve your space now; you’ll have first dibs!


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