Thursday, March 10, 2011

Agents on a Mission

The Midas Center has several opportunities for individuals interested in learning more about creative communications, branding, social media and more!

If you are on a mission to learn, grow and develop your creative skills so that you can help businesses, communities and organizations succeed in the marketplace, you may qualify to become one of our special agents.

Special agents of The Midas Center will be assigned a specific mission based on areas of interest, talents of each intern and the current needs of The Midas Center and its clients. Get hands-on training, resume building experience, fun and more. Some missions for special agents are accompanied by financial reward, others offer valuable work training.

Make your summer meaningful, make an impact and develop your professional skills! Please be creative and get our attention if you are interested in becoming one of our future Special Agents of The Midas Center.

This new internship program announcement comes on the heals of statewide recognition from the Indiana Chamber and Indiana InternNET who recently selected The Midas Center as a finalist in Employer of the Year based on the internship program we offered to our Agent Extraordinaire, Cam Robertson, 2010. Perhaps you will be our next golden agent.

Use your talents, creativity and technological social media savviness today to show us you are agent-material. Email us, tag us, link us, send us a special delivery that shows us what you enjoy doing and what you would like to do in our creative mission field. Be mindful, we are very busy so walk-ins are not acceptable.

We will be contacting the selected special agents when specific missions are available. Make sure you leave your contact information. You may hear the words: Your Mission, If You Choose To Accept It...

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