Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"The eighties called, they want their logo back"

Do people make these comments about your business in the market place? Maybe you haven't heard them say it out loud, but perhaps you know what they are thinking. If your business practices were cool back when the Bee Gees went plantium with their highest sales of 8 track cassettes, then maybe it is time for you to take notes. If you want to succeed into the next decade, let's stop blaming the economy and position your business for the current times. Buyers and decision makers have changed the way they communicate, buy and make decisions. The Midas Center understands the current marketplace, its trends and habits and we want to recommend two quick tips for you to do this week so you can go from being so last year to "IN" by this Friday!

1. Get Linked In.
Out with the big bulky Rolodex, in with the online social networking tools. LinkedIn is an online service that allows business-minded professionals a piece of the online presence pie. Consider this a mySpace or Facebook utility for professionals only. It is easy to register and there is no fee to use this online networking service. LinkedIn allows you to connect or "link" to the business world. You may provide resume-like information about your current business as well as your past experience and education. LinkedIn reconnects you with colleagues, classmates and friends. Below is a quick overview on how LinkedIn can help you turn your vision into results.

2. Grow Your Networth with Your Network.
If your current networking activities bore you, then you are probably boring everyone around you too. Do you think already you know everyone there is to know and have little, to no interest meeting new professionals? When you meet someone new, do you instantly classify him or her into one of two columns, a potential client or useless? If your networking activities are as dull as your spreadsheets and data bases, then it is time for you to readjust your outlook on networking. Look for one event this week that interests you personally and make plans to attend. For example, if you enjoy the arts, you may be interested in attending Plymouth's art galleries, both hosting open house receptions this Friday, October 9th at 6 p.m. It just so happens that one of the art galleries is called, "IN." For more information, you may visit them online here >> in Gallery. They happen to be one of our clients, so our apologies for the shameless plug. It is what we do though, look for ways to build awareness for our clients!

Moving onward... By attending an event that might not be riddled with business networking labels, you open the door to a new outlet of mixing with like-minded individuals. You will find more opportunities where people may have left their salesmen repellent spray back at the office. Instead of networking to build business, increase your possible leads, make plans to go to places where you will enjoy your life and meet other interesting people. This is the true value of networking. Increase your personal networth by reaching out to more worthy networking events.

How are your buiness practices stacking up? The Midas Center Can Help You

There you have it, two quick tips to update your business. You can have the best product or service but without some marketing savvy that communicates with the today's language and tools, all you have is products and services. The Midas Center urges you to put some marketing muscle behind you and turn your vision into results.

We hope you will take these two easy steps towards success. And, we'd love to invite you to stop by this Friday at our new office open house. We have a wealth of resources, ideas, solutions, tools, tips and just friendly handshakes to share. Oh, we'll also have some cake and Golden Midas Punch to serve. The Midas Center, 203 N. Michigan St, downtown Plymouth; Friday, October 9th at 6 - 8 p.m. Bring your colleagues and your business cards, it's time to enjoy networking. Get linked. Be in.


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