Monday, October 12, 2009

October Survey Results: Marketplace Survey

Captain Jack's Compass

As The Midas Center prepares for its entry into the professional community of Michiana, we are seeking information to better understand the current business landscape and the business leaders needs. A quick survey was developed and distributed to a sampling of 30 business minded professionals.

Of the 30 recipients, 1/3 of the people responded. If you responded to this survey, thank you! Here are the results:

1. The term(s) that best describes my business is:
22% We sell products.
77% We provide services.
11% We are a non-for-profit.

2. We are located:
66% In Plymouth, Indiana.
33% Within 20 miles of Plymouth, Indiana.
-0- Over 20 Miles from Plymouth, Indiana.

3. Currently, most of the success of our business is the result of:
11% Location
88% Word of Mouth and Reputation
66% Relationships
22% Advertising
11% Events or Exhibits
11% Direct Mail
-0- Other

4. What is the top priority for your business right now?
55% Increased Profit and Revenue
22% More Awareness and Visibility
0% An Online Presence
11% A More Professional Look
22% More Leads Generated
22% A Clear Strategy for Growth and Expansion
33% Stability Through Current Economy
-0- Other

5. The Midas Center is planning to offer free workshops to businesses. These workshops will cover a variety of topics. Please select the topics that you may be interested in:
55% Web Sites
66% Social Media
22% Branding
22% Networking
-0- Other

Thank you for your interest and participation. Additional surveys are currently being prepared and the results will be made available to those who participated in the coming weeks.


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