Friday, January 22, 2010

Social Media and Its Impact on Today's Journalism

We'd like to share an insightful article on social media, how it has impacted journalism and legal marketing. With over ten years in legal marketing, The Midas Center has a strong understanding of the challenges law firms and attorneys face when trying to market themselves. This article addresses legal marketing within the new frontier of social media and may apply to any professional service provider looking for additional ways to expand their market outreach through social media. We found Janet Ellen Raasch's perspective fresh and would like to share it with you here.

Lawyers and law firms:
Broadcast journalism evolves in the Internet age

Written by Janet Ellen Raasch

Not so long ago, the term “broadcast journalism” was limited to traditional radio and television news on local and national stations. If a reporter or editor liked your press release or recognized you as an expert on a particular legal area, you might get interviewed for a story. If you (or a potential client) missed the one-time broadcast – you missed it. The airwaves were limited.

Today, broadcast journalism includes not only these traditional media, but also their interactive Web sites and online research capabilities. A broadcast reporter might interview a lawyer as the result of a Google search using certain keywords. The audio or video clip will be available 24/7 on the station’s Web site – coded with an RSS feed that automatically delivers it to searchers around the world. The Internet is unlimited.

In fact, thanks to the Internet, the line between print, radio and television news has become increasingly blurred. Read more >


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