Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Midas Center: Taking Green Mainstream Part II

You may recall a previous post written here about the first installment of The Midas Center's Core Values. One of the core values uncovered in that article is the high importance The Midas Center places on visual integrity(TM).

Visual Integrity(TM) is so important that The Midas Center trademarked the term. From the office decor to the printed and online materials, there is the highest regard for aesthetics and visual appeal. This focus on visual appeal translates through The Midas Center's communications for its own marketing purposes and is applied to each and every client communication tool, too.

This post would like to introduce its next core value: eco-friendliness. The Midas Center understands that the choices their team makes in day-to-day living and working isn't perfect, but does place attention on the social responsibility to be better stewards of our earth and its valuable resources. From the office decor to the portfolio of "green" clients, The Midas Center is dedicated to do all it can to "Reuse, Recycle, Reduce."

In October 2009 when The Midas Center restarted its business in downtown Plymouth, owner Andrea Cook needed to make purchases for office furniture and decor. She was pleased to find 100% of the office furniture from local thrift stores like Salvation Army, ReStore and the Recycle Depot. From the paint on the walls, that by the way just happens to be a perfect match of Pantone 131 - the gold in The Midas Center's logo, to the conference tables, chairs, kitchenette cabinetry, counter-tops and presentation easel, the office furniture is all second-hand.

When items are purchased from thrift shops or second-hand stores it is a win-win for so many people:
- The items were saved from going to a landfill or collecting dust in someone's basement.
- The cost of the items were budget-friendly, for example, the office chair was purchased from the Culver Wesley United Methodist Church annual rummage sale for $4.
- Repurposing materials can be fun, such as an old door into a large desk can promote creativity, develop into a hobby and reduce stress.

The Midas Center is proud to be green. The eco-friendly choices that have been made for this business has not only been earth-friendly, budget-friendly, they have also helped our business grow. Sharing values and interests in the community opens the doors to new opportunities with other businesses. It also builds awareness in the community. The Midas Center is purposeful on taking green mainstream.

More details on taking green mainstream to follow...


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