Monday, June 7, 2010

Retreat Day 4: Change Agency

"Only a century or so ago, most Americans lived on farms. Over the short space of the following half-century, more and more Americans moved toward the city ... and began working in factories. Then, over the past half-century, we deserted the factories and found work in White-collar Towers. Now, at the start of the 21st centry, the Age of White-Collar Towers is coming to a close."

- Tom Peters, discusses the evolution of the business society, "Re-Imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age"

Where will the employment line lead us in the next 50 years?

As we continue on our retreat to recognize how we will better define our services to meet the demands of those in need, we find our selves passionate about community- and economic development. As a business owner who has moved away from the city to a smaller, more rural town in the midwest, we have come to realize two important trends.

1. A lot of talent is moving away from the metropolitan cities. Tired from the two hour commutes, faceless neighbors and tight spaces, intelligent professionals are relocating to live closer to their elderly parents to either better care for them or to get grandparental help with their own special needs children. Maybe one spouse has been laid off or their credit has run dry. Regardless of the reason, people are moving away from the cities, seeking a better quality of life and a more manageable lifestyle.

2. The internet gives us a land of opportunity and freedom that allows us to work from anywhere, anytime. Business is NOT as usual. The real estate value for the brick and mortar properties will not have the momentum of growth that online brands and business identities will have. Social media experts are able to design, develop these business entities and give birth to new companies. It is possible for business to be created virtually, for products and services to be offered from the home offices and these home offices can be anywhere. This isn't the same as the bubble. The industry has matured and society has caught up, or has significantly come closer to understanding the power of the internet. One of the reasons is because society has been given the tools to be part of the experience. Social media is a two way highway. Communication. Community. People are engaged and can be involved in the next generation of the internet industry. LinkedIn is the new rolodex and Twitter is the new walkie talkie! Breaker 1-9 for a 10-40? (That's walkie talkie jargon for "What time is it?" Retweet that tweeps!)

Tom Peters continues writing, "Anything is possible. Anything is likely. Are you ready? Change is coming, and coming fast. One question confronts every institution and every individual: Fight the change ... or grab hold and enjoy the ride? I say: Enjoy yourself! It's later than you think!"


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