Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birthing Story of Go Green Media and iHEARTplymouth

When The Midas Center relocated and opened its doors last fall in Plymouth, we hoped to reach out to help local businesses and organizations succeed. Previously, we specialized in legal marketing and clearly knew how to help law firms and attorneys build a brand and get the message out using the business media outlets and channels online and in print.

We quickly learned that to help get the word out in a small town, however, was not as simple as sending out a press release to a news wire or calling reporters who covered a specific beat. Being creative solution seekers and doers, we launched a new media business called Go Green Media. Go Green Media helps businesses and organizations get the word out organically, at a grass roots level. It spreads the message that builds the brand without using harmful toxic inks and wasteful paper. It is also powered 100% by wind energy. One of the products that Go Green Media has proudly launched this summer is called is a social media resource created specifically for the Plymouth, Indiana community. Much like an online magazine, it includes photos, articles and events that relate to "everything you love about Plymouth." It is community-based, like a local Facebook with full interaction. It also links with Facebook and Twitter automatically, enlarging the readership. Any one can access the content at any time and there is no cost to read, write or share the copy. The tag is Extra Extra! Read it. Write it. Share it. Live it. Love it. was launched summer 2010 and in the past 10 weeks has received over 30,000 pageviews. It is financially supported by private investors, advertisers and business membership sponsors. It has been designed to promote businesses and organizations and all the great activities that the community has to offer leading to an improved quality of life for its residents, businesses and visitors. As social media becomes more mainstream, provides the necessary components for strong economic development.

Founder, social activist and editor Andrea Cook shares, "Preserving the unique characteristics of a small town is as important to me as building community. It is a pleasure giving individuals, businesses and places a voice and online brand."

Cook hopes to continue to grow for the local town of Plymouth, Indiana as well as offer the social media service to other communities, upon request. If your community would be interested in the benefits that an online community product offers its residents, businesses and visitors, feel free to contact The Midas Center to learn more.


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