Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Social Media Tip: True Identity

Me, myself and I.

If this sums up your profile across all social media platforms, well then, your online identity is safe. However, if you have additional profiles, or online brands that you are managing, then be sure to be mindful when you log in and share comments, updates and posts.

Perhaps you didn't realize you could even branch out of your own personal identity and recreate new profiles, new brands that represent your professional aspirations and values. Well, you can and you should. Depending on what your over all objective is for using social media, you should be mindful of your own online brand. For example, if you use Facebook or Twitter for venting your views about politics, you should not use the same profile for your professional identity, unless, well, you are in politics and everything you post or tweet supports your position and principles of your political views.

As a working mother, I may use my Facebook for seeking a special Halloween costume for my kids. I also might use it for playing way too much time on Bejeweled, but I would never share personal information as a post for my professional profiles. And, yes, I do have more than one professional profile to represent my full online brand. Don't you?

To sum it all up: Who are you and what are your goals? Your profile represents your reputation and your brand. Your status updates should reflect who you are and what you want to be known for.


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