Monday, December 6, 2010

Wheel of Progress Congratulates Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Wheel of Progress: 2010 drawing for Plymouth Chamber of Commerce gift certificates!

Today, on Monday, December 9th, The Midas Center presented the results of the Wheel of Progress 2010 to the public. During this presentation, The Midas Center shared the process on how the new image and message was developed. Much of the process included an agreement on the need of a cohesive image for Plymouth as stated collectively by five key stakeholders. Stakeholders included the City of Plymouth, Plymouth Community Public Schools, Plymouth's Chamber of Commerce and PIDCO who commissioned The Midas Center to develop a new image and message that will be used to communicate Plymouth online.

The presentation overview may be reviewed on a post shared on >

The apex of the presentation was a slide show of the value propositions of Plymouth with the main message, "Join us in the Journey." For a preview of this slideshow, please see below:

And last, but not the least of today's presentation included the announcement of the winners of the five $100 gift certificates from the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce. The winners are:
- Ken Houin
- Gnomes_Garden
- Lois Evan
- S Clarke @ fourway
- Brantley Houlihan

You may stop by the new offices at The Midas Center, 200 N. Michigan Street in downtown Plymouth to pick up your gift certificate. Please stop by during regular business hours and I.D. will be required.

The next phase of the Wheel of Progress: 2010 will be presented to the public in March of 2011.

Thank you all who participated to make this campaign successful! The members of The Midas Center thank you for your investment into this public branding program and we hope to continue to work with the community towards the ongoing progress!


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