Thursday, March 10, 2011

From the Studio Today

Today was SO much fun!

The Midas Center was on air, live on WTCA 1050 AM Radio this morning to promote the Treats Bridal Suite with our Premier Partner, Treats Bridal Shoppe's owner Gary Treat. We heart Gary and the local radio station is a great group of community minded folks who also promote the people, places and events that we love about Plymouth and Marshall County. That was a fun filled "studio" morning.

Then, we headed up to St. Joseph County for a recording of this week's program on WNIT's Economic Outlook. The studio is located in downtown South Bend. Here is a photo of the stellar entrance.

We arrived to meet the production manager, Brenda B. She was so hospitable and friendly as she led us to the... GREEN ROOM! Ok, so I know we weren't on the David Letterman Show or anything, but still... We got to hang out in the GREEN ROOM. Here is a photo.

And, here was the best part... THE MAKE UP ROOM fully stocked with CLINIQUE products. So what if there wasn't a make-up artist on site. There were cotton balls, so I assumed it was a self-service station, right?

As if the entrance to the studios, Brenda B., the GREEN ROOM, and the make-up wasn't enough... The day just got better! The next chapter in today's studio adventure was this:

Phil D'Amico is the host of the show and we consider him like a local business rockstar. He led the fast paced panel discussion with rapid firing questions! We all had to be on our game, but, you know us, we are like, "Bring it" and we loved every second of it!

Guests on the panel included this roster:

Chas Grundy
AgencyND, Notre Dame

Andrea Cook, President
The Midas Center
Owner of iHEART Green Media

Elizabeth (Liz) Cecconi
South Bend Regional Airport

Andy Fuller
Villing & Company

About Economic Outlook
ECONOMIC OUTLOOK is a stimulating 30-minute program that reaches out to the business and educational decision-makers who explore the risks and opportunities at work in today’s markets. ECONOMIC OUTLOOK discusses issues around economic growth, the impact of education on economic development, key industry sectors, the impact of trade on employment, and a host of related issues.

Tune in friends!
ECONOMIC OUTLOOK airs on Fridays at 8:30pm and reairs the following Sunday at 12:30pm.

If you miss it, the show will be available, hopefully via web cast and we will make sure we share it with you here!

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