Thursday, April 14, 2011

Latest Client: That was Then. This is Now. . .

We are glowing with golden appreciation towards one of our most recent clients, Marshall County Community Foundation and their upcoming annual report for 2010. We can't show you the official report at this time, we'll leave that for our client to share. What we can tell you is this:

1. The Marshall County Community Foundation supports many "quality of life" endeavors that promote growth and sustainability for our local community, and well, we love that about them...

2. The MCCF staff, including their current interns Mandy Chalk and Jennifer Coffman and the VP of Development, Joseph Goepfrich, are professional, courteous and have been a sincere pleasure to work with every step along the way.

3. A team of local service providers, including our agency, has been hired by MCCF to deliver the upcoming new brand, including a new report, web site and ad campaign. Supporting local businesses is a great way to improve the economic landscape of our community!

Stay tuned on the treasures that MCCF has been working on throughout Marshall County. We'll be showcasing some of the work we've helped with once it all goes public. In the meantime, take a historic glance of annual reports that were all part of the past...

That was Then:

Stay tuned for the new and improved branding elements. And, a big golden thank you to MCCF!

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