Thursday, May 19, 2011

This is How We Roll

Recent design project:
From concept to delivery
completed in less than ten days.
May 3rd: Reconnected with a colleague through Twitter. Learned of a design need. The Midas Center sent a proposal for creative services. Project initiated.

May 6th: Concepts presented to client. Included event logo, light copy, invitation and package design.

May 12th: Presented round two of preferred concept to client. Feedback on the presentation was that we "Nailed it." Good to go...

May 13th: Printer did not have capabilities to produce design. AND. Legal department had issues with some copywriting and logo needed to be redesigned.  The Midas Center quickly redesigned logo, reworked the copywriting and typesetting, found a new printer, at 4:59 p.m. on a Friday.

May 16th: New printer scheduled project to run for 11 a.m. Files with new logo design and updated copy were approved by client and sent to printer. Materials for special tubes for packaging were ordered for next day delivery.

May 17th: Awesome printer hand rolled the invitations and shipped each invitation to guest, overnight shipping. While tubes were being delivered to special guests all over the world, The Midas Center applied the event design to a web site for guests to rsvp for the event.

May 18th: This was delivered to me by Fed Ex. DONE. Loved. Every. Second of it.

Good design is a sport. We've got that it takes to run, roll, transform, create, make it happen.

The Midas Center. Brand Builders.  Buzz Generators.   Media Developers.    Success Makers.
That is how we roll.

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