Monday, June 13, 2011

June's WAG Brown Bag in Review

This month's Women Advisory Group's Brown Bag presentation was a five minute TEDtalk by Jessi Arrington titled, "Wearing Nothing New." Several professional women, a mix of business owners and entrepreneurial attended this monthly lunch meeting to learn, share and engage with like-minded business leaders. After watching the insightful and inspring presentation, there was a round table discussion on the main "take aways."

Here were a list of lessons learned that were shared during the noon hour:

- It's OK to let go.
- Confidence is key.
- There is a difference between judgement and discernment.
- Each woman has her own definite and personal style.
- A smile is the best accessory.
- Don't be afraid to be yourself.
- "When am I going to grow up and not care what others think about me?"
- Be yourself. Be confident. Accept your flaws.
- Own our own fears, inadequacies that hinder us.
- Be your own person. Be free to be confident.
- Let go and don't be afraid.

If you would be interested in viewing the short segment of the TEDtalk, check out the link below. Were there any other ideas or dreams, thoughts or goals that were presented in this clip and made an impact on you that we missed in the list above? Feel free to add a comment. And, if you would be interested in joining us for our future roundtable discussions-slash-networking lunch breaks, bring your own lunch and plan on coming at noon,  on the second Monday each month at The Midas Center, 200 N. Michigan Street in downtown Plymouth. Feel free to email or call the office with any questions. Pass it forward.

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