Tuesday, March 16, 2010

So, What Does The Midas Center Do?

"Yeah, I noticed The Midas Center's window downtown, but I have no idea what they do."

We hear this a lot! So, we'd like to dedicate some space to our blog to share some sneak peaks into our agency.

Our main objective is to help organizations and businesses succeed.
For over ten years, we've stood behind this principle and have helped countless of clients meet their goals in the marketplace. We've designed annual reports, stationery, corporate identities, presentation materials, direct mail, email campaigns, press releases, web sites, signage, event materials, printed advertising, banner advertising, social media presence and more. We develop the strategy, design the elements and deliver results.

Sometimes clients ask for these items specifically. Sometimes clients have a more broader scope however, such as:
- We want to have a better public image.
- We offer a new service, but no one knows about it yet.
- We need to better serve our customers.
- All of our printed materials are outdated and we would like to have an online presence.
- Our web site is out-dated and we don't know how to fix it.
- We want to be THE place people think of.
- We need to increase our sales.
- Our company would like to broaden our market and reach-out to more prospects.
- We would like more people to know who we are and what we do.
- We need to update our image for the next generation of customers.

Bottom line: These clients are looking for results.

Results are The Midas Center's specialty. Many creative types may say they are a marketing firm but in reality they offer only logo design or only web development. We provide a golden thread that weaves award-winning marketing, advertising, public relations and branding services together and we scale it appropriately to meet the client's scope, budget and needs.

This unique blend of innovative creativity with a proven track record of result-driven techniques and best practices deliver a treasure of golden opportunity for businesses and organizations who invest in themselves.

If your organization or business could do anything, be anyone, have anything, what would you would it be?

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