Saturday, March 13, 2010

Successful Brands Motivate and Build Trust

The Midas Center's main objective is to help businesses and organizations succeed. We do that by trying to build a solid brand that contains an image and message that is credible, attractive and motivating. To do this, it takes creativity to develop the right elements and manage the right media mix.

A successful brand takes investment in both time and money. It takes more than just a logo and copy to have the power to reinforce your brand and motivate the public to act.

In an article titled, Harris Poll Finds: St. Jude's Research Hospital and Susan G Komen for the Cure are among Most Trusted Non-Profits written in Business Wire shows the top ten brands of non-profits. It refers to a study by EquiTrend® that, "evaluates measures including: Equity, Customer Connection, Commitment, Energy, Brand Behavior, Brand Advocacy, and Trust. The keystone to the program is Equity, which provides an understanding of a brand’s overall strength and is determined by a calculation of Familiarity, Quality, and Intention to Donate."

It is important that organizations and businesses know their objectives and when implementing a new identity or branding campaign, realize the overall investment. Successful brands can have a profitable return on investment (ROI) if strategically designed, developed and executed properly.


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