Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Retreat Day 1: The Change Agency

"We act as if the dot-com crash signaled the end of the New Economy. But we are, in fact, on the verge of the biggest and most profound wave of economic change in a thousand years.

"We avoid failure at all costs, and cling to ideals like "order" and "efficiency." But we must embrace failure; we must glory in the very murk and muck and mess that yield true innovation." - Tom Peters, a rant on how our society is not prepared, "Re-Imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age"

It may seem like the impact of today's technology has had more influence on our economy as ever before. However, technology inventions like the telephone, electricity, microwave ovens, automobiles and air crafts, to name just a few continue to play a significant role in our society that impact our ways of life today as much as they did when they first were announced to the public decades ago.

As a marketing professional, I see the crash as a growing pain, perhaps a labor pain of the intense birth of a new industry that will have a significant influence of our lives. This new industry of web based, internet technologies is a new frontier, a new land to explore, build and grow from. Much like the European explorers in the 1800s who traveled the unknown seas of the Pacific ocean in search for freedom from the oppression in their lives are like the brave leaders who will impact our future economy. Today's true business leaders are not those who sit in air conditioned corner offices who frequently fall asleep at meetings. Today's business leaders are the change agents, the pioneers who not only embrace the technology sector but redefine it into products and services that make our world a better place.

Only the strong pioneers will persevere. One day soon, the future business kings - and queens - will reflect on their journeys and recall the many many challenges and failures that directed their career paths. If true innovation is to happen, it is up to those brave change agents who aren't afraid to go on the adventure and get their hands dirty.

What scares you when you think about the internet industry? Are you afraid of failure, the unknown? Or do you embrace the adventurous technological path before you? Are you ready to be a pioneer in the web 2.0 frontier? Hold on for the ride of your life, those days of a steady career track are now as extinct as the Studebaker.


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