Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunny Day on June First

Today is June first. The sun is golden shining on the streets of speedy cars going somewhere or going no where, only the drivers really know. Or do they?

This past weekend marked the 99th year that Indy 500 professional race car drivers drove in circle after circle closer to the black and white checkered flag. Their goal? To win. Win the prized title, a trophy, prestige and a check for over $2.5 million. This year's number one Indy 500 winner: Dario Franchitti.
All the other participants strive to win and enjoy the thrill of the journey with each lap, each year. And as each driver can take the necessary time now to reflect and look in the review mirror, he or she (this year there were four female drivers, by the way) will most likely count the main, most important blessing, that is: not crashing and burning. Although there was a remarkable crash by Mike Conway in the last lap of this year's race, he only suffered a broken leg. Thing is, he crashed into the out of gas car of Ryan Hunter-Reay. Crashing at sound-breaking rates of speed is one thing, being crashed into because you ran out of fuel, well... um... that's a... it's a bummer.

In celebration of the winners, the thrill seekers and spectators alike, The Midas Center is dedicating the month of June to redefining its business model, its message and its services. Still open for business, providing award-winning creative services to clients, The Midas Center is taking some time to retreat, tune-up and realign our wheels so that we can better drive our services to the marketplace.

We will be sharing daily quotes from Tom Peters, author of the international bestseller, "In Search of Excellence" and "Re-Imagine! Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age." We think you will agree that Peters' words are provocative and inspirational.

In today's race, June first, we are seeking a new and improved mindset and perspective on the marketplace, technology, culture, economics and way we interact, value, live and work. Each day, we will share a quote and brief overview of how The Midas Center will approach a new business model from July 1 and onward.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines...

Today's quote of the day:

"The starting point of all significant change is mindset." - Tom Peters


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