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Get Motivated: In Review

Get Motivated Tip #2 by Rudy Gulliani: Leaders have lost their own individuality, their passions their principles. Technology is a great tool and it is profoundly making an impact on our society and its leaders. Read how to manage technology and improve your leadership. Read below for more leadership tips > > >

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This week I attended the Get Motivated business seminar at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. There was a bounty of accomplished world renown speakers all sharing tips, techniques, tidbits and truths that have kept them on a steady path of success. I would like to publically thank my friend and fellow Toastmaster, Jan Houin who secured a ticket for me and arranged for transportation for me even though we left at 4:45 a.m.!

Here is a list of the speakers who made the most impact on me and a quick take away I gained from their talk. I share it with you in hopes that you may find it interesting and encouraging for you and your journey.

Steve Forbes:
Don't forget the basics.
(This was the basic tip I basically heard, although, I was late for this presentation so I didn't get the full message. I would have loved to have learned more on what Steve shared however! )

Terry Bradshaw:
Terry was honest and genuine. He told the audience of 15,000 of his flaws, his journey of divorces and family problems, his struggles with depression and ADHD and more. Then he said, "Our lives will always have adversity." He encouraged audience members to work on those simple things in life like smiling and just being happy. He encouraged people to define their gifts, passions and what makes them truly fulfilled.

Terry was told most of his life he was "stupid." He even admitted several times that all he had was "a P.E. degree." He shared about his experience of running through the tunnel onto fields and being booed. Despite the negativity, the adversity, he claimed that he owned the title and deed to his dream and no on could take away his dream.

Rudy Gulliani:
Rudy Gulliani told the stadium of guests that technology and the rate of how information is delivered by technology is having a profound impact on our world. He claimed that one of the problems leaders are faced with due to this information technology is that leaders have lost their own individuality, their passions their principles. There is a tendency to follow majority too often. They follow the polls instead of using their minds and their hearts. He encouraged leaders to develop individual plans and ideas based on experience, education and beliefs. "Collective opinions lack creativity and lean towards a tyranny."

Rudy recognized the impact of technology and offered suggestions on how to cope with this major impact of overwhelming information.

1. Stay connected.
Don't be afraid of it. You will be left behind. Learn how to use a computer.
2. Read.
Read books. Go deeper into a subject you enjoy. Read about a subject that challenges you. Read about subjects that you enjoy.
3. Listen.
Learn from others. Copy other leaders, fit it to your own self. Learn to be a better business person, go to another leader and ask them to teach you.
4. Write. Hand write notes on what your interested in. List pros and cons. Write down goals.
5. Stop and think.
Reflect. Take a moment to search for your own Instinct. Your instinct and individuality needs to be accessed and preserved.

Lastly he shared a great quote from his father, "Weddings are discretionary, funerals are mandatory." You need to care about people. Be a true friend to others.

Zig Ziglar:
While most of the speakers paced the stage from corner to corner with a supernatural enthusiasm, Zig Ziglar, 84 year old man sat on a chair next to his daughter. His daughter introduced her father and told the crowd that Zig had fallen almost a decade ago and needed his daughter to help him on stage when his memory would wander. A strong message in the act was almost as powerful and memorable than the words they shared. Here were some of the principles Zig shared:

Never worry. Tell the truth.
Encourage and court your spouse just like when you were first in love.
Sales techniques come and go but integrity and truth is always in vogue.
Be a life time learner. Put good stuff in, and good stuff will come out.
No one gets anywhere on their own, we all need others. Help one another.
Money buys a nice house, but not a home.
A sense of humor is valuable, don't suppress it. Laugh out loud.
Love your wife. (He kept referring to his wife throughout his presentation.)
Pump pump pump hard and tirelessly. Then, when you least expect it the water will just flow...
See you at the top.

General Colin Powell
Shared his own techniques he has used in all sectors, at all levels in his life:
Be a leader, get followers, bond and give them goals, a mission, a PURPOSE. They have to believe that they are making a big impact, benefitting society.
Have a purpose, believe, have passion, show it, show moral and ethical integrity.
Motivate and inspire, people need to believe in what you are doing, so they can achieve in what you need them to do. Make sure they have the tools to get the work in.
Just because you are cold wet, be a leader and don't show it.
Show affirmation, say thanks.
Check in, have human connection with others.
Great leaders are tough too. Don't be a pushover, do not allow bad followers to stay.
Trust is shared by good leaders and their followers. They'll follow you even it it is out of curiosity.
Radiate. Think new thoughts.

Laura Bush
It can be difficult to recognize yourself despite others opinion. She shared her secrets to sanity and told about how she handled stress while living in the White House on 9/11. She shared:
Stay in the moment.
Know who you are.
Respect previous leaders as decent men.
At times we lean to left and to the right but America is the big ship that sails on.
Live thru the adventures, count your blessings (realize the value of your own children safely tucked in, know the job of a leader, take a stand, make q difference, face failure, humiliation and change)

Danica Patrick
Her number one tip: Don't give up. Success takes hard work. Most people quit too early and just give up.
Danica's secret to success: Obstacles only charged her, made her want to be more, to be better, to keep going.
She suggests that others need to identify their passions, find their talents. It is good to have lofty dreams and high goals. Keep big picture in mind.
When asked if she had any advice for other underdogs, she responded with disbelief, "Am I an underdog?" Evidently, she has always seen herself as a winner even as a female in a male dominated sport, from a young age, she never recognized parameters. Her parents helped formulate this belief from early on in her childhood. She shared, "We are our own limit."

A full day packed to the minute of ideas and testimonies from some of the powerhouses and aspiring leaders. From 8:00 a.m. to past 6:00 p.m. the stage was oozing with information and inspiration. We hope you will find these leaders to be role models for you as you form your own ways to manage stress, be a leader, take a stand and change the world. Are you motivated?


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