Thursday, November 4, 2010

Adweek's Social Media Market Discussion

On a recent article from Adweek, "Keep Social Media Simple -- and In-House" written by Alex Blum, we shared our $.02. The Midas Center owner, Andrea Cook was pleased to be the first to comment, here is what she said:

You bring up a great topic that is so relevant and current and should be evaluated for businesses. My take on this is that social media, if managed and supervised under the guidelines and standards of a company's brand, image and goals can indeed be outsourced to reliable social media service.

In fact, I see this (social media outsourcing) as the next generation of corporate customer service. Gone are the days when customer service 1-800 numbers hidden on company's web sites and directed to an office somewhere off shore where people, completely dis-attached to the mission and values of of the company's brand read from a script.

Today, in the new era of the internet age, the corporations who rely on third party social media marketers to help build their brand throughout the variety of social media outlets will be the leaders to watch out for. Your article mentions authenticity and simplicity and so perhaps the real rub here is finding a social media source to partner with who understands these values. As you know, social media is not just about the traditional methodology of pushing a message, it also can provide valuable insight that can be informative to the R&D process.

If corporations have found value in outsourcing their R&D function as well as their customer service function, why would they not also trust a third party social media marketing business. I for one am in the process of developing a business and to train individuals to become more savvy social media juggernauts so that I may offer professional services to businesses who are seeking social media services.

I welcome further discussion on this relevant topic. My name is Andrea Cook and I am the President of The Midas Center (, currently located in rural Indiana. What a better place to offer a third party social media service for businesses? Find me on Twitter/andreacook or Twitter/midascenter. Also, please join The Midas Center Social Media Club on LinkedIN for more discussions on out sourcing social media.


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