Saturday, January 22, 2011

Today's Pioneers and the New Frontier

Evolution of social media can be traced back before Paul Revere and his horse, Brown Betty. True pioneers discovered, invented and made a difference that impacted the world.

What does it take to be a true pioneer? From the tangible land of the free to today's intangible landscape of technology and communication, the more things change, the more they stay the same. Today's frontier is a new world, an intangible landscape of technology and communication but it takes a true pioneer to lead and innovate.

When I think of a pioneer, one of my favorite movies "Far Far and Away" comes to my mind. This film, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman was a big hit back when the superstar couple were still married and seemed "normal." The movie was about two young people living in Ireland, both seeking a new world. From entirely two different upbringings, one a farmer, oppressed and who lost his father and his own farm due to the tyrant of his land at the time. The other, a young woman with a spirit for adventure who yearned for any thing non-conventional. Watch a trailer here >

The two main characters set out on a journey, a true pioneer story. And, as their paths crossed and they ventured overseas to a land of the unknown, they experienced life as a true pioneer. An open range of land, freedom and opportunity. They came across groups of people and circumstances they would have never imagined. Their standards of ethics and integrity became more pronounced throughout their venture and once they arrived at their destination, standing on a hill near a stream, with one hand holding a white flag to claim their own land, the sun set in the west and the movie credits began to roll. A success story of a pioneer - or, only the beginning?

That was then. Pioneers went westward bound on their pursuits of happiness, seeking natural resources like land, streams of water, oil and gold. These opportunities were available to those who dared to step out beyond the boundaries of status quo.

Today's pioneers have the same reasons and passions that drive them. They have the same rugged- and character-building journey. They are also on a pursuit of happiness but today's pioneers are not discovering America, the land of the free. That was then. This is now. America has been discovered, acquired, capitalized and over-utilized. Today's pioneers are venturing out in an intangible land seeking life and liberty in a new frontier, a new world of intangible possibilities.

They're the entrepreneurs, inventors, designers, writers, all with creative minds and a fearless spirit that drive them forward, in hot pursuit of innovation. The far away lands and turbulent seas that once shaped a pioneer's journey is much different than the landscape just ahead in the eyes of today's pioneers. Today, our new frontier is a cyber world endless and rich with intangible resources, just waiting to be discovered. The future discoveries and inventions are going to change the world.

Are you ready for the intangible adventure? Let's go!


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