Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Deal To Motivate You In Today's Digital Era

In honor of today's workshop, we want to invite our readers to sign up for one of the super star tools we use and recommend, Constant Contact. Sign up for a 60 day free trial and then receive $30 credit on your first month by following the steps in this link >

It is time you harness the tools available in this digital era. Stop blaming the economy for the lack of growth in your business. Work smarter, faster, better on reaching your buyers and building your reputation. Try electronic newsletters, electronic invitations and save money, be green, and see results in a click!

To earn the $30 credit, you must enter the site through the link provided above. As a full disclaimer, The Midas Center will also receive a discount. However, we would not recommend a product or service just for the money, we do it because we like to promote everything that is awesome.


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