Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Intangible Pioneers Pave the Way to Success

Do you want to improve your social media activities? Is it overwhelming? Too many tools, not enough time? Are you tempted to just discount the social media arena because you think it is a fad, or a trend that won't impact your career path?

How are you defining success in your career? We all know that success is not a destination, but is fulfilled along the journey. Are you ready for a journey and an intangible adventure? Are you embracing technology as part of your future planning of your career path?

A true pioneer knows that success is not about a destination. A one time achievement that can be acquired just because you've received a diploma or a retirement package. Pioneers, the successful ones are always learning, hypothesizing, experimenting, improving, changing themselves and the world around them for the better despite their circumstances. Overcoming fear and adversity along the way, successful stories of pioneers include a foundation of character and integrity and fueled by passion and hunger. This combination is key in making true progress, innovation and success in pioneers of the past and present. These are first and foremost the necessary tools in developing a social media program for your business or career development. Before you can proceed into the next era, you must be willing to have the character and passion to keep up with the rapid pace of technology.

Align your career path with this component, then the unknown landscape of new technologies, difficult people and ever changing stressors may detour your path but will not destroy you and your mission.

Go onward fellow pioneers. Continue to strive, move forward, toward more, better, faster, smarter solutions. We're in this together.

Pioneers who "first" found the western world continued to move onward, building the railroad tracks and digging those wooden telephone polls along the way. What are you finding, developing, creating in today's world? And, are you a true pioneer or a settler?


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