Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Midas Center Workshop Update

Yesterday's workshop entitled "Social Media 101" presented 101 tips and tidbits on Social Media, from its evolution to its current tools, suggested strategies and first steps to get participants started. Twelve guests attended and received handout materials that included a glossary of latest terms and more tips to take back to the office or home computers. Course material was developed for users to become smarter and more efficient with their social media practices.

If you were unable to attend this workshop but would be interested in an encore presentation at The Midas Center for your business or organization, please contact us.

The next workshop is scheduled for the last Friday in February and is entitled "Branding: It's Not Just For Cows." This session is scheduled for noon, February 25th at The Midas Center. Registration is required. Details will be posted soon!


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