Thursday, August 18, 2011

Live Blogging: Reshaping the Marketplace

Reporting live, on location...
These  are words that once were spoken exclusively through traditional forms of media, typically by a news reporter covering an event as it was broadcasted live to the public at large. The audience tuned in by droves either hearing the message from their AM/FM radios or by gazing at large antiquated boxes stationed in living rooms also known as "television sets." “Reporting live from events” is not limited to the major broadcasting stations any longer. Businesses can now reap the benefits from this type of coverage without the reliance of a PR agency to convince and woo editors to cover specific subject matter expertise.

Although traditional forms of media continue to provide newsworthy information that captivate our attention and impact our lives, new technology has opened the doors to a world of options. Popular social media "channels" like Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook are being tuned in to and businesses can benefit from the professional service of live reporting on trade shows and other industry events. 

Live reporting from conferences is one of the many emerging trends reshaping the world of professional development as social media evolves and the PR industry searches for new service offerings that provide value to their clients. Now, when business leaders hop on the speaker circuit to promote their industry leading subject matter, they aren't confined to the individuals located in the four corners of the conference room. When businesses hire a professional event correspondent to report live from their keynote address or panel discussion, the real-time service can have a major impact on exposure and brand awareness that results in a significant return on investment.
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