Thursday, August 18, 2011

Top 10 Benefits an Event Correspondent Provides

An event correspondent is a professional who provides live coverage of a presentation or event, capturing and sharing a third party perspective through a variety of online social media channels. Providing online reporting with live updates to the public at-large offers value.

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10 Benefits an Event Correspondent Provides
There are a variety of benefits a professional experienced event correspondent can offer to grow value for businesses.  
Here are the top ten benefits an event correspondent can do for you:
1. Builds professional credibility. 
A third party perspective adds authenticity. Much like a journalist covering an important event or new product, an event correspondent isn't a paid affiliate. Whether the live updates are posted under your business brand or the event correspondent's media brands, your taken more seriously when someone validates your value.

2. Positions your brand with industry expertise. 
Just being a speaker isn't enough. Just being a blogger isn't enough. Don't get lost in the noise. An experienced correspondent can cut through the noise and deliver your message clearly.

3. Enlarges your audience to a critical mass. 
Why limit your voice to the individuals sitting within the four walls? This is the new frontier of market outreach and an event correspondent can push the physical boundaries of the conference venue, geographically speaking.

4. Grows your fan base. 
People follow the leader. Be today's social media leader in your communities. Digitally and socially on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and within your own industry and network, a professional correspondent can point others to your leadership.

5. Preserves the information as online content. 
When you speak, words go in one ear and out the other. An event correspondent can archive your moment, online.

6. Generates immediate traffic. 
While you are delivering your presentation, the professional correspondent is getting the buzz on for you. You can track the interest in real time, immediately after you present. You can access the audience, their feedback, questions, re-tweets and more.

7. Optimizes ongoing search results. 
Live content updates are captured and recapped for future search results allowing your content to be found on a variety of your own channels.

8. Provides more opportunity for speaking engagements. 
Get the traction and reputation as a speaker so that you can grow your business through future events in your industry.

9. Optimizes your investment resources. 
Are you getting a return on your efforts you put in as a speaker? An experienced event correspondent can help you recognize the opportunities and optimize your resources for your next speaking engagement.

10. Increases ongoing exposure. 
Just how long can your wisdom and great sage advice go on after an event has ended? An event correspondent can give your words wings through tweets and re-tweets and so much more.

Is an Event Correspondent Right For Me?
If you are seeking added-value to your next event and you are with a small or large company, a conference planner, an event sponsor, a publicist, an individual speaker - or anyone seeking to leverage the next event to grow your brand value in your industry, then yes! It is time for you to schedule an event correspondent for your next event.

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